Split Adjustable Beds

What do you do if your partner wants a bed that’s firm, but you want a softer top to sink into? Are you looking for a solution allowing you or your partner to raise the head or foot of the bed individually? A split adjustable bed caters for these individual preferences.

Here are some key advantages of investing in a split adjustable bed solution:

  • Each side of a split adjustable bed can be adjusted independently.
  • Each partner can customise their side of the bed to their preferred position or setting.
  • Split adjustable beds minimise disturbance and in turn reduces disruption during the night.
  • Everyone has their own comfort preferences, so a split system is ideal for promoting better sleep quality.
  • A split system allows for different mattress preferences.

It goes without saying, split adjustable beds are ideal for couples because they promote a more harmonious sleeping experience for both partners.

Check out these options to create your affordable split ensemble: Ultimate Flex, EzyFlex Delux, SmartFlex 2, SmartFlex 3