Benefits of a mobility sleep centre

Including mobility products as part of your product range can provide several benefits to retailers. Here are some potential advantages:

Increased customer base

By offering mobility products, retailers can attract and cater to a broader customer base, including elderly individuals, individuals with disabilities, and those recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Competitive advantage

Retailers that offer mobility products gain a competitive edge by differentiating themselves from competitors who may not provide such products. This can help attract customers who specifically seek out stores that cater to mobility needs.

Partnerships and collaborations

Retailers offering mobility products may have opportunities to partner with:

  • Aged Care Providers
  • Home Care Package Providers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • NDIS
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Rehabilitation Centres, and other organisations focused on mobility and accessibility.

These collaborations can lead to referrals and mutually beneficial relationships.

Reaching remote communities

Reach customers that are located in small or regional communities where mobility products are difficult to source.

Community goodwill

By actively catering to the needs of individuals with mobility challenges, retailers can foster positive relationships within the local community. This goodwill can enhance the store’s reputation, generate positive word-of-mouth, and attract new customers.

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